Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Find a Cure for AIDS With Your Android Smart Phone

Ever wish you could do more for humanity? Think AIDS sucks? Ever feel like you’re not getting everything out of your smart phone that you could? Thanks to World Community Grid, now your Android smart phone can join in the fight against AIDS by helping to actively search for a cure to AIDS using grid computing technology.

Grid computing (a.k.a. distributed computing) is the concept of taking a bunch of computers or devices and teaming them up to figure out huge problems, which would normally take a single computer a really long time to figure out. Each device checks out a small work packet, does it’s computations on it, then checks in the results and asks for another work packet. These grid computer systems can far out-power the world's most fasted super computers.

Does the thought of running something like this on your Android smart phone scare you? Think it will kill your phone’s battery or jack up your data usage? According to the good folks at World Community Grid -

The FightAIDS@Home project is the first to be made available on our new Android app, with more projects to follow suit in the future. And don't worry, it won't kill your battery or use up your data quota: by default, the Android app will run only when your device is plugged in, and will only transmit data when your device is connected to a WiFi network.

Want to help find a cure for AIDS? You need to do two things:
  1. Register with World Community Grid (if you haven't already)
Don't want to you your phone, but still want to help? They have apps for computers too. Download an app for your PC here.